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Fashion  for the Lower Latitudes

  We use only natural fibers: silk cotton, and rayon to insure your comfort in the humid tropical heat.  Tropistyle dresses and tops are perfect for tropical cruise wear, resort wear, or just hanging around town on a hot and humid day. Some people consider our dresses art to wear as we make them from hand painted fabrics.  All dresses are lined with a lightweight natural fiber fabric for a smooth sophisticated look. Our dresses and tops are different because they are hand painted. Our motifs have no repeat like a mass printed fabric.  One surface design inhabits the whole dress.  And the dress is designed to show it off.   

About Us

Located in Winter Springs, Florida, USA, near Orlando, We are a cottage industry, individual sewers working at home.  We love good design and we strive for excellent workmanship.

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Our Work


Most designers draw the design and then look for the fabric.  We look at things a little differently.  We look for fabulous fabrics, beautiful works of art. and, take our inspiration from that.  We then develop a design to show off that fabric.  It's more of an Eastern approach.  The fabric takes precedence over the cut.

Custom Dressmaking


   Here's how it works: 1 ) Give us an address (e-mail or snail mail) for your alterations professional, tailor or custom dressmaker, or any professional sewer.  We will mail to them the required measurements for our dresses (everyone does it differently.) You will be responsible for paying them to take the measurements and/or adjust the test garment later.  2) We will make a test garment and ship it to you.  If  it fits, send it back and we will take it apart and use it for a pattern. 3) If it doesn't fit, go back to your professional sewer and have the necessary changes marked on the test garment. When you are satisfied with the fit, please send us a selfie of you in the test garment from the front, both sides and the back. When we are satisfied that the fit cannot be improved, send it to us and we will make the dress.  Every surface design is not suitable for every size.  We will discuss that with you when we get the measurements.  We can find another design that works for you.  The charge for this service is included in the cost fo the dress.  That covers the test garment, all the postage, and the custom pattern-making on our part.  We will keep the pattern for five years, so you can have additional dresses made from that pattern for a discount of $150.

Open to the public

Mon. - Fri 10 am to 6 pm EST

Sat.  10 am to 2 pm EST

Sunday Closed 


Contact Us

Do you have questions about our dresses and tops? E-mail us now.
We will be delighted to tell you what you need to know about our products. We will answer during business hours Eastern time.  Thank you for your interest.


We love to please you.  Tell us what you like, or, would like to see.

More exciting designs to come.  Join our mailing list.  We do not broadcast e-mails more than every one or two months. And, we do not share our mailing list with anyone.  We are most active on Instagram.  If you are interested you can follow us at Heather@tropistyle.


  Fashion for the Lower Latitudes



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