Our Dresses

Our approach is unique, but so are you. 

We believe in breathable yet beautiful fabrics that support artists from Florida and across the globe in achieving their entrepreneurial dreams.

Each of our fabrics are carefully chosen for their artistic allure and are required to be made of only natural fibers, giving you the most luxurious, dainty, yet bold outfits that show your unique beauty to the world.

About Heather

Located in her lovely home in Central Florida, Heather is living out her passion project of empowering women and bringing the gorgeous designs of the South Pacific to ladies everywhere. An artist at heart, with a background of sculpting, she is skilled with an artists eye for hidden beauty. While also training other dressmakers, she pours her love of art into her dresses with full wrap designs that give care to both the unique figures of women everywhere and the hand-painted tropical designs of the artists . who make her fabrics. When she's not realizing her wearable designs at her back-porch sewing station among the flowers and greenery, she's on our Instagram page sharing the beauty she sees in the world. Follow us @heathersooder.

About Heather

  We use only natural fibers: silk cotton, and rayon to insure your comfort in the humid tropical heat.  Tropistyle dresses and tops are perfect for tropical cruise wear, resort wear, or just hanging around town on a hot and humid day. Some people consider our dresses art to wear as we make them from hand painted fabrics.  All dresses are lined with a lightweight natural fiber fabric for a smooth sophisticated look. Our dresses and tops are different because they are hand painted. Our motifs have no repeat like a mass printed fabric.  One surface design inhabits the whole dress.  And the dress is designed to show it off.   

Our Materials

Wearable Art Meets the Energetic Flawless Design

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